Social Responsibility

AmcareAt Joy Global Underground Mining, we consider the broader interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of our companies’ activities. We believe our responsibility extends beyond the statutory obligation to comply with legislation, to voluntarily take action to improve the quality of life among our employees and their families, local communities and society at large — as well as to protect the environment.

We are dedicated to creating a workplace that is safe, fair and enriching. Safety procedures and programs are constantly monitored and improved to help ensure that our employees work safely. We foster a workplace culture in which the rights, needs and unique contributions of each employee are respected. We also support professional development opportunities for every employee.

We are located in communities around the world. Because we believe that strong neighborhoods, towns, and cities are vital to the well-being of our society and to the economy, we acknowledge that we have both a special responsibility and role to play in helping our communities thrive. We also participate in health care initiatives to help save lives and create stability in local communities. One example of this effort would be our donation toward building an HIV / AIDS and Tuberculosis Clinic in South Africa will benefit over one million people in the Alberton area.

Our corporate headquarters in Milwaukee provides significant charitable financial support to local arts organizations and to community endeavors which help provide for a better quality of life. We also contribute substantially to local employment, training and skills development. In addition, thousands of our employees worldwide supplement our financial contributions with community outreach, in-kind giving and volunteer services.