Joy offers training on their extensive product offering

Joy's technical service team offers unparalleled aftermarket support including electronic parts books and technical service manuals, machine specific training classes, and customized training panels.


What Makes Joy Training a Step Above?

Customer site and regional based classes:

Joy offers two convenient types of training classes to accommodate customer needs and availability. Classes on specific customer machines can be scheduled at the customer’s site for up to 15 students in 1, 2 or 3 day blocks. As an alternative, customers can send one or more employees to regional 1 and 2 day classes that focus on specific topics or systems and are held periodically at central locations throughout the various Joy sales districts.

Knowledge and skills based training:

Joy’s philosophy is that training should focus on both improving knowledge and developing skills. Knowledge is the component that helps students to mentally understand a problem and what needs to be done, but it is the physical hands-on skill that actually gets the job done. Joy technical training provides both.

Interactive and hands-on development activities:

A key component to knowledge improvement and skills development of a student is interaction with the instructor and other class members to share information on a one-on-one level and to have realistic opportunities to practice the skills they will need when on the job. Joy technical training builds these opportunities into the classes as an integral part of the training process.

Computer enhanced training and assessments:

With the influx of more young people into the mining industry who are computer literate, training with computers is a natural training tool for this younger generation. Both computerized activities and assessments are being built into Joy technical training classes to accommodate the visual and tactile student interest level computers bring to the training.

Training ProgramsMachine based training panels:

Most Joy training classes include a full scale training panel that contains all of the electrical circuits and components of the machine model being taught. This allows students to have close up experiences with the actual inwards of the machine as the class is taught. Most importantly, the panels have multiple faults that can be induced into the panel systems to allow students the opportunity to troubleshoot realistic problems in a safe yet realistic setting.

Seasoned and highly skilled instructors:

There is simply no substitute for experience. Joy instructors are seasoned veterans with an average of 20+ years of underground mining maintenance experience and years of teaching what they know. What truly sets Joy instructors apart is their ability to communicate their vast knowledge and experience to their students in a practical, common sense approach that provides the students with a vast wealth of practical and helpful tips from people who have seen and done it all.

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