Joy's service includes rebuilds as well as training in the service of their products.

Joy has the industries most extensive aftermarket support structure with over 20 warehouses located in the key mining areas offering 24/7 support


Joy maintains an extensive network of service centers to rebuild and service equipment. This network includes five service centers in the United States and eight outside of the United States, all of which are strategically located in major underground mining regions.

Full capability service centers

Complete machine rebuilds

Joy service centers are the only repair facilities capable of rebuilding machines back to the OEM specification and they are the only repair centers that have complete access to Joy’s engineering designs. These facilities can also provide the latest in upgrades to JOY equipment.

Machine exchange program

To help our customers reach their production goals, Joy can provide complete exchange machines. This program provides that our customers do not have to wait for their machine to be fully rebuilt. Instead, they have the option of being provided a similar JOY machine to replace the machine being sent in for rebuild.

Component exchange program (CEP)

Joy maintains an ample supply of major components, assemblies and key parts for our CEP program. This program helps our customers reduce production downtime by their not having to wait for a failed component, assembly or part to be repaired and returned. Under the program, our customer receives a rebuilt and warranted component, assembly or part in exchange for their failed item. The failed item is fully inspected, repaired and then returned to the JOY inventory.

Repair and return program

Joy service centers have the capability to fully inspect and repair JOY components and assemblies. This program provides inspection reports and repair cost estimates. The parts are restored to full OEM specifications and a warranty is furnished.

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