Joy Stickers

Collecting Joy stickers is a hobby and tradition rooted deeply in the mining community.

Collecting Joy Stickers

The collecting and trading of Joy reflective stickers is a hobby deeply ingrained in the mining communities, especially in Australia and the United States. Thousands of miners and their families and friends carefully collect and catalog their stickers. What started as filling a need for reflective material on a miner's helmet has grown in to one of the most popular hobbies in the mining community and it seems that the Joy stickers have become the preferred sticker for most collectors.  While there has never been a true count of all the different stickers issued by Joy, some say thier collections are pushing 3,000 different Joy stickers.

Stickers have been issued to commemorate the introduction of new machines, to promote specific Joy Global facilities, services or aftermarket products like gears and chain products.  Stickers have been produced to celebrate the accomplishments of our equipment or the production accomplishments of our customers.

Joy stickers today…

The collection of Joy stickers continues today as strong as ever. Grandfathers handed collections down to fathers who started sons, daughters and wives on the hobby. Joy stickers are still highly sought after. Stickers are now traded on Internet sites such as eBay. During an average year Joy Global will fill over 1,500 requests for stickers from collectors all over the world.

Today the creation, production and control of Joy stickers is all done in-house at our Franklin facility. This has lead to a better quality and more consistent looking stickers.

How do I get Joy stickers?

Joy Global will gladly send out some of the latest stickers. 
We do not stock older stickers so many stickers are no longer available.

Send an e-mail request for Joy for stickers.
Please provide a complete mailing address as part of your request.


Mail a request for Joy stickers to:
Joy Global Underground Mining
177 Thorn Hill Road
Warrendale, PA 15086