Joy's haulage equipment options offer flexibility

Joy Global's haulage equipment options offers mine operators maximum flexibility in choices for any room & pillar or entry development requirement.

Haulage Systems

Matching the haulage system to meet an operations specific mining conditions or production requirements can be one the most critical equipment choices an operator can face. Joy Global provides four complete haulage solutions to match any requirements the mine operator may face. Joy shuttle cars offer high capacity, low operating cost, and a wide range of machine configurations to meet most mining conditions. Joy battery haulers offer flexibility in routing your haulage runs, extended battery life, and lower maintenance AC drives. The Flexible Conveyor Train, or FCT, offers true continuous haulage with the advantage of a single operator.

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Joy's Batch Haulage Systems include shuttle cars and battery haulers.

Batch Haulage Systems

Joy Global's Batch Haulage Systems include: Shuttle cars-the mainstay of the industry for batch haulage vehicles; Battery haulers-uses innovative technologies contributing to extended battery life and/or improved maneuverability and operational flexibility.

Joy offers two complete continuous haulage systems for flexible mining operations.

Continuous Haulage Systems

Joy Global offers two complete continuous haulage systems. The Joy continuous chain haulage system consists of four basic units: a breaker car, conveyor bridge, mobile bridge, and rigid haulage system. The Joy Flexible Conveyor Train is a truly continuous haulage system that eliminates any haulage related bottlenecks from typical underground continuous miner operations.

Haulage Systems Brochure


Joy Mining Machinery Haulage Systems Brochure