Mine Duty Structure

With the introduction of high production longwall mining many years ago, the need developed for conveyor structure that was sturdier, yet still portable enough to be installed quickly. Continental mine duty rigid conveyor, using a structural channel side-member with boltless construction, was designed to fill this need. This structure uses the same idler as our wire rope conveyor to permit usage of existing components, and is available in belt widths from 30in. to 84in.

Wire Rope StructureWire Rope Structure

Continental has supplied wire rope conveyors for applications that vary from coal mining to overland systems for high tonnage bulk handling projects such as fill for interstate highways and dam construction. This product is highly portable and is economical in cost.


Catenary StructureCatenary Structure

Longwall mining requires conveyor structure that is extremely portable due to the rapid rate of extraction during the longwall retreat. This structure must be very rugged in order to withstand the heavy loading encountered in longwall mining. Continental Conveyor’s catenary structure is designed to meet this need. This structure uses rigid side frames made of round tubing. This structure is also designed to minimize the number of loose parts in order to keep losses to a minimum while moving from one mining panel to another. The portability and ruggedness of the structure makes it suitable for any portable conveyor need.