JOY Wethead

The Joy Wethead continuous miner cutter head incorporates a fine water spray behind each cutting bit of on the cutter drums. Acting as both a cooling and wetting agent, the water reduces the potential for frictional ignitions and reduces respirable dust levels. The water spray acts as both a cooling and wetting agent in order to address both issues at the same time. The sprays also provide lubrication that substantially improves bit life. The Wethead does all this while potentially consuming less water than the standard miner dust sprays. The heart of the system is a back-to-back carbon-face water seal designed to last from rebuild-to-rebuild before refurbishment is necessary.




  • Back-to-back carbon-face water seal
  • Water spray behind each cutting bit wets
  • Water spray cools sparks at point of creation
  • Water spray lubricates cutting bits
  • 30 gpm (114 lpm) water flow required
  • Dedicated in-line filtration
  • Long life and dry-running ability
  • Further reduction in respirable dust levels and suspended dust at point of creation increased visibility
  • Fewer face ignitions
  • Lower bit consumption rate
  • Less water consumption than standard dust sprays
  • Fewer blocked spray nozzles

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