Continuous Miners

Higher tonnage rates and more availability are expected from Joy brand continuous miners. Models are available to operate in a variety of seam heights in both coal and non-coal applications.

Continuous Miners

The Joy continuous miner product line has been developed to meet the high productivity requirements of today's underground mining industry. Machine designs are available to satisfy the full spectrum of seam conditions for today's market.

The basic elements of each continuous miner are similar in design, following field proven philosophies perfected by Joy Global Underground Mining over the years. Each machine employs Joy Global's Joy multi-motor concept with outboard access to motors, gearcases, controllers and other major components. The philosophy calls for the isolation of major components for easier troubleshooting and maintenance. The continuous miners use individual motors with direct drive transmissions to power the cutter, traction, gathering and hydraulic systems. This permits service or repair quickly and easily, thus reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

The continuous miner product range is segmented by mining height requirements into three machine classes for low, medium and high-seam applications. Although the features vary for each machine in order to maximize productivity and reliability in a given seam, these features have in common basic design principals that put Joy Global's Joy machines on the leading edge of underground mining technology and produce the lowest cost per ton to the customer.

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JOY 14CM continous miner product line

14CM Series Continuous Miners

Developed to meet the high productivity requirements of today’s underground mining industry. Providing the ideal combination of cutting power, proven components and reliability for lower to mid-seam applications in a variety of materials.

Joy Mining offers the 12CM series continous miners for mid to high-seam applications

12CM Series Continuous Miners

Mid to high-seam applications is the 12CM series continuous miners. This model line, available for both 950 and 2300 volt operation, can operate in seam heights up to 16 feet 4 inches or 5.0 meters.

Joy’s answer to hard rock mining applications is the 12HM series continuous miners.

12HM Series Continuous Miners

Designed for hard rock mining applications. These machines are successfully operating in trona, gypsum, potash and salt mines around the world.

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Key Features of Joy Continuous Miners

Joy Tradition

Tradition in Quality & Pride...

With over 5,000 continuous miners shipped since 1953, Joy Global leads the mining industry with innovations that increase productivity and improve operator safety. Innovations such as air scrubbers, Wethead cutterhead drums, AC traction motors, noise reducing conveyor systems, and hydraulics manifolds just to name a few. All industry firsts from Joy Global.